Uganda National Coordinator

Racheal Hope Namubiru Auma  Uganda National Coordinator   

Communications Intern

Sarah Kebir Communications Intern

United Kingdom Representative

Zara Sesay United Kingdom Representative

Zambia National Coordinator

Rev. Godfridah N Sumaili Zambia National Coordinator Rev Godfridah Sumaili is a professional banker, an ordained Minister and teacher of the Gospel and the National Coordinator of Zambia. Rev Godfridah…

Global Administrative Assistant

Mibenge Sumaili Global Administrative Assistant Mibenge possesses a comprehensive academic foundation, with an MBA in Management, a BBA in Marketing, and a BBA in Human Resources Management, showcasing his multifaceted…

Global Administrative Assistant

Moulaye Dina Global Administrative Assistant CEO of Capital Nights Entertainment LLC as well as manager of many Real Estate properties throughout America. Moulaye Dina, the international representative of Mauritania, is…

Gambia National Coordinator

Muna Bah The Gambia National Coordinator

Nigeria National Coordinator

Ola Jumoke Nigeria National Coordinator

Liberia National Coordinator

Hawa Varney Liberia National Coordinator

Ghana National Coordinator

Abena A. Gyampo Ghana National Coordinator Abena A. Gyampo is a Ph.D. candidate in Development Communication at SDD-UBIDS and holds a Master of Philosophy in Communication and Media Studies (Business…