Abena A. Gyampo


National Coordinator

Abena A. Gyampo is a Ph.D. candidate in Development Communication at SDD-UBIDS and holds a Master of Philosophy in Communication and Media Studies (Business Communication) from the University of Education, Winneba, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She is a communication/media practitioner and administrator with over 13 years of experience in designing corporate and media communication strategies, client relationship management, office administration, and lecturing. She has been lecturing broadcast journalism, development communication, public relations, visual communication, advertising, international communication, writing for the screen, media management, social development & documentary film production for the past ten years and is currently a lecturer at Central University. She has been an academic advisor for the past three years counseling and assisting students with their academic and social life. Before academia Abena A. Gyampo had some industry and corporate experience working with an oil trading company, two media houses (as a producer and a consultant), and an advertising agency. Abena’s research focuses on social and behavioral change communication; deliberative democracy; media, culture and development, and gender studies.

I am super proud to be part of this movement because it is about time women got together to really push the women in leadership agenda. Be each other’s support system and not a barrier. I believe it starts now and it starts from the cradle.

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