Shaan Vardan

Content Creator

Shaan Vardan is currently a freshman in college who has worked on a freelance basis in graphic design, video editing, and content creation for a variety of organizations. Additionally, he has background that includes skills in writing, editing, and photography.

I am an expert in networking and interpersonal skills, including strong consultative and persuasive skills to work with internal constituents. Over the years, I have demonstrated project management skills; experience using online project management tools for assignments and team communication. I have exhibited strong journalism skills in editing, writing, and choosing content for our sites. I am versatile with video editing skills and experience using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Expert writing, editing, and proofreading skills as evidenced by clips or portfolio of past professional work

“I am passionate about promoting equality and I am excited to be able to take steps toward a more just and equitable society as a part of the team at WIMAGE”

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