Michelle Bachelet

Is a human rights advocate, the first woman President of Chile, and the first Executive Director of UN Women. Today, she serves as the UN Human Rights Chief, working to protect and promote the fundamental rights of all people around the world.

When asked why feminist leadership is important now, as we battle COVID-19 and its fallout, Bachelet says that the pandemic has magnified the extent and impact of inequality and that we need radical transformations of our political, economic and social systems to overcome the current health, economic and social crises.

“This transformation will only be possible through changing the way in which we make decisions and shape policies, through inclusion and participation, particularly of the underprivileged and those who are often voiceless. In other words, through feminist leadership.”

Bachelet says that, while many feminist leaders inspire her, she wants to pay special tribute to women human rights defenders, leaders of feminist movements, and women who collectively and individually work for a better world. “Their vision, strength, courage, empathy, and achievements are enormous sources of inspiration and hope for the future.”

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