Coryn Mayer

Research & Development

 I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2020 with a bachelor of science in nursing, concentrating on research and health policy. I am a registered nurse and have experience in data collection, research dissemination, and public speaking – in addition to working directly with populations. As a nurse, I witness how public health decisions directly influence individuals, families, and communities. It is clear there is an imbalance of power between men and women in leadership positions and decision-making, the data speaks for itself (e.g. maternal mortality during pregnancy and postpartum periods – black women, having the highest risk). If female voices were to be elevated in public health decision-making strides would be made in improving the health outcomes of women and children as well as the racial health and socioeconomic gap. — For example, it’s interesting how companies are now willing to help women receive an abortion (with the overturning of roe v wade), however, they never offered reasonable maternal leave packages in the first place.


“Women need to be at the forefront of decision making. This is why I  joined WIMAGE, because the conversation, opportunities, and representation regarding gender equality in elections shouldn’t be political. Also going in with the humility that I don’t know much about global politics but it’s something I’m very interested in learning more about!”

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