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Women In Monitoring & Auditing Global Elections (WIMAGE)

WIMAGE is an international NGO with a 501 c 3 status working to promote inclusive governance and democratic practices and strengthen the active participation of women in leadership and governance space. We strive to achieve this through capacity-building programs, research-based solutions, and facilitating election monitoring and public audit initiatives.
We aim to advance the realization of the two-thirds gender rule, strengthen transparency and accountability, and deepen democratic practices and procedures to achieve ultimate inclusivity in leadership and governance. Our motivation is anchored to our responsibility to foster an environment of inclusive and democratic governance. Our methodology and approach draw upon the strengths, expertise, and regional cognizance of our partners to ensure efficient program implementation that incorporates principles of flexibility and adaptive learning by creating country-based frameworks and National Action Plans (NAP).

Child Development Program

The Girl Development Program (GDP) is part of our commitment to empowering young girls and women leaders in local communities in their endeavors to create tangible change through early identification, targeted support, and capacity-building initiatives. This program seeks to shape a more adaptive and conducive environment for girls and young women’s aspirations in leadership space across the world.


WIMAGE monitors elections to ensure that the rights of female voters and candidates are respected, protected, and properly addressed. Women’s participation and inclusion in governance and decision-making processes is crucial to ensuring more equitable representation.

WIMAGE Election Monitors are trained to monitor key gender-based stratagems and report whether elections are free, fair, and transparent, our observers serve as a critical oversight mechanism for transparency and accountability. Furthermore, women monitors play an essential role in assessing how well democratic election processes reflect the political will of the people while reflecting ultimate inclusivity. This not only contributes to the strengthening of democracy around the world but also restores good governance in the face of attempted autocratic leadership.

Our Programs are aligned with the United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals, the African Union – Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment inspired by the Maputo Protocol, and EU – Peace and Security For Women.

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Our programs are designed to promote sustainable development, eliminate gender inequalities, ensure the safety and protection of special interest groups, and contribute to the development of improved democratic societies. We strongly believe that these milestones are instrumental to the realization of active participation of women, youths, and marginalized communities in the leadership and governance arena.


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