About Women’s legal and human rights Bureau

This legal bureau pioneered the idea of having feminist legal advisors fighting against the abuses towards women. Since 1989, this group has been advocating women’s rights, empowering women through the use of and engagement with the law and its institutions. One of its core programs is called Engendering the Barangay Justice System, which directly engages women from grassroots communities to access justice through assistance in local legislative processes, capacity-building, and educational platforms.
HABI:The Philippine Textile Council
This organisation aims to preserve, promote, and enhance Philippine textiles through education, communication, and research. Generally, its scope includes men, women, and youth in communities with local weaving traditions and farmers of cotton, fibre, and more. However, in a sector that is predominantly women in the population, this organisation has also launched and partnered in programs that promote the welfare of women, particularly weavers and artisans, assisting them to maximise their local businesses’ potentials and platforms to reach a wider market.Visit website »

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