About Women of Influence (WOI)

Over the past year, leaders have had to step in and step up like never before — from managing remote teams to motivating employees through uniquely challenging circumstances. Whether you’re aspiring to enter a leadership role or need help navigating the changing demands of leadership, you’ll find both inspiration and direction in the success stories and expert advice curated here.

The Top 25 Women of Influence™ awards recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of Canada’s diverse role models — including self-identified women and gender-diverse individuals. The recipients have all left their mark over the past year: contributing to the greater good through their initiatives; using their influence to drive positive change; or reaching inspiring heights in their careers. From athletes to activists, corporate leaders to up-and-coming entrepreneurs — their unique achievements are impossible to compare against each other, which is why we’ve designed these awards as a celebration, rather than a ranking.Visit website »

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