CREATE a Safe Space for refugee/migrant women and their families to feel at home in the Netherlands.

PARTICIPATE in research, studies, discussions, forums, and other initiatives to increase a better understanding of migrant women and the issues that affect them.

STIMULATE relationship between refugee/migrant women from different cultures, traditions, identities, backgrounds, and religion.

BUILD a strong international network between refugee/migrant women organizations, to stimulate partnership and exchange of best practices.

FACILITATE Refugee/Migrant women labour force participation,  entrepreneurship and education.

SERVE a refugee/migrant women platform to enhance their participation and inclusion in a leadership position in the Netherlands.

ADVOCATE for a better service delivery response in a culturally and gender responsive way

DEVELOP and MAINTAIN connections with community role models/peers.

FOSTER STRATEGIC (INTERNATIONAL) PARTNERSHIPS among different stakeholders in the field of Migration/Development and UN Women, Peace and Security AgendaVisit website »

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