About Oxfam Cuba

We are a national feminist women’s rights Non-Governmental Organization whose vision is a just society where women and girls enjoy full rights and live in dignity and mission is to champion, expand and actualize women’

Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1993 with local members who support equitable and sustainable development projects. It stands alongside local governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and communities and aims to strengthen and support sustainable development grounded in equality for men and women. It supports civil participation, local development, food safety, gender equality and women’s rights, the management and reduction of risks, and appropriate humanitarian responses to natural disasters.

Oxfam is particularly active in the eastern provinces of Cuba, we work with local research centres and associated organizations to expand their achievements and those of the community by promoting participation in sustainable food production and distribution, equal gender rights, and minimizing the risks associated with natural disasters.

Our involvement with other partners at a national level involves strengthening their commitment to civic participation, ensuring the voices of women are heard, and expanding their leadership role in decision-making, as well as empowering local actors to raise the public awareness of, prevent and deal with violence towards women.

We help communities to prepare for a speedier clean-up response after possible disasters such as hurricanes and the effects of climate change, with an equal role for men and women. We also provide support when such situations are beyond the local community’s ability to address them. At a regional level, we promote international exchanges, projects, and initiatives, with the involvement of Cuban counterparts in international networks, especially in Central America and the Caribbean

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