About Mariposas

Mariposas is a charitable organization established in 2013 to develop and implement programs that empower young women from rural communities in Mexico.

We chose Mexico for our programs because of the country’s large population of at-risk girls. High levels of inequality and limited educational opportunities for young women in rural communities mean that many girls never finish middle or high school. Attending college is often an unattainable goal for many of these women. We find that to be unacceptable. The relatively inexpensive cost of university education in Mexico means that your contributions go a long way to help many young women reach their dreams.

Women from impoverished communities around the world lack access to education, health services, and economic opportunities. Mariposas focuses on young women from rural Mexican communities because they tend to suffer the effects of poverty more so than their male counterparts.  

By offering educational support and empowerment training to young women, Mariposas hopes to assist them in breaking free from the cycle of poverty for themselves and for future generations.


Our mission is to provide educational programs for young women from marginalized communities in central Mexico to empower them to break the cycle of poverty caused by a lack of educational opportunities and limited access to educational services.Visit website »

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