About Gender in Geopolitics Institute

The Gender in Geopolitics Institute is a think tank that places the concept of gender at the heart of the analysis of international relations. This research laboratory advocates greater visibility of gender in the field of international relations. Gender is used as a tool for exploring and understanding the complex realities of current international issues.

Gender is an inseparable concept of the problems of our societies, it is, therefore, essential to correctly apprehend the political, economic, social, environmental and security challenges of our societies. The concept of gender allows us to take a global and more inclusive look at the challenges of our societies, whether through the examination of the condition of women, the discrimination suffered by LGBTI + communities, the norms of femininities and masculinities or gender relations.

Although gender is an omnipresent concept and manifests itself in all sectors of our societies, it has received little interest. Indeed, the project of the Institute of Gender in Geopolitics was born from the observation of a major insufficiency in the field of gender at the level of geopolitical reflection institutions in France. Gender issues are often considered secondary, and the consequences of this lack of a gender perspective in international relations are multiple.Visit website »

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