Kamala Devi Harris

Is a compassionate person who is determined to achieve her goal of making the world a better place. Throughout her career as a prosecutor and attorney general, she prioritized the well-being of victims and always worked hard to make sure they were treated fairly and not forgotten. As a senator, she focused on the greater issue of inequality and helped to pass laws to address it. One main philosophy of Harris’s life is that those with power must help those without it. It was with this philosophy that she pursued a career in criminal justice.

To make a change, she needed to be right in the middle of where the change occurred. Her drive to help victims makes her a hero. Christopher Lelane, a political consultant, had this to say when Harris, as attorney general, demanded banks provide more for homeowners underwater due to the housing crisis: “Every single day she is doing stuff to hold criminals accountable, to hold big banks accountable. She is an inspiration to any girl or person of color who feels as if their voices are not important. Most importantly, Kamala Haris is a Wimage hero as she was the first woman in the United States to occupy the second-highest office.