Diakonia is a faith-based Swedish development organization. We support and work with around 400 local partner organizations in 25 countries. Together with our partner organizations, we form a global network that works to ensure that more people are able to live dignified lives.

Three different components

Diakonia’s work can be roughly divided into three different components:

Cooperation with our partner organizations and support for their long-term work on change

Popular education, mobilization and advocacy in Sweden and internationally

Humanitarian emergency response in collaboration with partner organizations in the affected areas.


Diakonia’s vision is a world where all people live in dignified circumstances in a just and sustainable world, free from poverty. Diakonia’s vision includes all people irrespective of religion, gender, ethnic color, sexual orientation, language, ideological or political beliefs, national or social origin, property, age, birth, or any other status.


Diakonia’s goal is to change unfair political, economic, social, and cultural structures that generate poverty, oppression, and violence.

The starting point for these efforts is the Gospel, on which our policy is based, with Jesus as a role model.Visit website »

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