Since our founding, WIMAGE has proven to be a leading global force for gender equality and womens leadership in decisionmaking. We are committed to driving change by working to raise awareness, create a space for dialogue, and bring together the best minds to drive actionable, measurable, and sustainable solutions.

Women in Monitoring and Auditing and Global Elections (WIMAGE) advocates for free and fair elections by coordinating resources, collaborating with civil society, the media, the public, state officials, nonprofit groups, and philanthropic partners to influence government legislation, and advocating for equal political support for women from all sides. Women in politics remain the most vulnerable political participants in our communities.

We believe that positive change is possible when civil society organizations, leaders, and women work together. The unwavering solidarity of our worldwide media and civil society partners in the cause of inclusive governance, democracy, and, women inspires us to work hard and remain devoted to the people around us.

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Our Mission

“To never waiver from our basic ideas, values, and goals in campaigning for free and fair gender-based elections in governance and leadership.”

Our Vision

“To lead the way toward a gender-free society that acknowledges and believes in women’s equal and untapped potential in governance and leadership across the world.”

WIMAGE Target Pilot Countries

The WIMAGE Organization aims to examine, report, and document gender-based representation and inclusion in all developing and under-developing nations that actively practice democracy as their rule of law. WIMAGE targets countries that are facing difficulties in welcoming women into leadership and governance roles. WIMAGE maintains gender-based inclusion statistics for more than 35 countries on 5 continents.

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